Volley-Pedia's 6 Best Ankle Braces For Volleyball (Preliminary Results!)

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Whether you’re new to volleyball or have been around the sport for some time: getting quality information on ankle braces can be tough. 

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If you're going to go with an ankle brace for consistent practice (2-3 times per week), then picking a high-quality brace like the McDavid 195 or the Active Ankle is really your best bet. You’ll be able to get a good 2 to 3 years out of them--and for less than $50, that's about the best value you can find for persistent injury prevention.


For a quick and cheap option (for that tournament coming up this weekend when you just need it fast), you may want to look into the CompressX Lace-up Ankle Brace. It won’t last you as long as some others on the list, but it’s enough to get the job done in a hurry--while still being comfortable enough to survive a short season.


McDavid 195 Ankle Brace

Overview: This is our Top Choice on the list. Laces & strap design that mimics a proper sports taping job; great for injury prevention and recovery; high-grade materials that last; and built by a brand who knows what they’re doing when it comes to ankle braces.

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Who Should Buy? If you’re looking to start practicing more regularly and would like a pair of ankle braces to get the job done; these are probably the best you’ll find.


Tech Specs:

Strap/Laces:  Both


Universal or Left/Right: Universal


Fit: Compression, Snug


Special Feature: Figure-6 Strapping Pattern

Full Review:


McDavid wants people to be ‘smart about the way they train, compete and live.’ Not a bad motto, but their protective sports equipment is even better. McDavid ankle braces have been a long time favorite for top level volleyballers, and the McDavid 195 ankle brace is an elite example of this. 

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Winning our Best Overall Pick, we love the fact that this brace combines a traditional 6-figure strapping pattern with a solid lace-up system. The problem with some strictly lace-bound braces is that you have to tie them up pretty tight to get a supportive feel--and when there isn’t enough padding on the inside of the brace, this can dig into your ankle uncomfortably. With the McDavid 195, you can get a firm tie with your laces, then complete the snug fit by strapping the velcro as needed over the top.

Two more impressive things about this ankle brace:


1. It supports up to Level 3 Sprains; and

2. In an independent study, athletes had 3x fewer injuries while wearing a McDavid ankle brace than other participants.


The first fact means this is a serious piece of equipment during the recovery. The second fact makes this a great preventative measure--so that you (hopefully) never get injured in the first place!


While these aren’t the cheapest option available, most sizes come in at less than $40: if you’re looking to invest in your ankles for a few years to come, this could be a worthy place to start.



  • Helps recovery on up to Level 3 sprains.

  • Laces and strap design gives great control on tightness and comfort.

  • Clean, professional black design for out on court.

  • Made by leaders in sports protection gear, McDavid.



  • Not a slip-on brace (takes some strapping up).

  • Not the cheapest brace on this list.



(Best Ankle Brace for Volleyball Hitters)

Active Ankle T2 Brace

Overview: Another top-shelf item for volleyballers, Active Ankles are one of the most common support braces you'll see out on the court. Light and easy to slip on: this is a quality and convenient ankle brace for consistent volleyball players.

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Who Should Buy? No laces, no worries. This is an elite-level ankle brace without the hassle of.

Tech Specs:

Strap/Laces:  Strap


Universal or Left/Right: Universal


Fit: Tight


Special Feature: Hinge design

(Full Review Coming Soon)


  • Made specifically with volleyball players in mind.

  • Unique hinge design for great support, while still allowing freedom moving forward and back (and jumping).

  • Lightweight, easy-to-wear.

  • Ideal preventative ankle brace.



  • No laces means not the most customized fit.

  • Can be uncomfortable at first with high-top shoes.

Hang tight! We're still refining our choices to narrow down our final Top 6. If you'd like to find out what we settle on, we're happy to send an update when the results are in!

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