origin story

For a sport that is consistently ranked in the Top 5 most popular and most played sports in the world: finding high level information and resources about volleyball online is tough. From 'What are the official substitution rules again?' to 'What's the best volleyball shoe this year?', the Internet is filled with volleyball fans and questions--but not enough answers. 

the mission

To enable players of all levels to have better experiences in volleyball through reliable, high level, fun and engaging resources.

our values

- Quality, quality, quality

- Celebrate the sport

- Promote excellent volley

- Reliable

- Engaging

- Accessible

the team

Pete edwards headshot ohio.jpeg

Peter Edwards, Co-Owner

After competing on two NCAA Men's Volleyball National Championship teams, Pete is on-track to complete a second Masters Degree--more than just a pretty face. 

Within Volley-Pedia, Pete focuses on providing high-level technical and interest pieces--drawing from personal experience as a high-level athlete, with the goal of making every article accessible to players at all levels.



- Ohio State Player Profile

Gerrard Lipscombe Bergische headshot.jpg

Gerrard Lipscombe, Co-Owner

After graduating from Grand Canyon University, Gerrard went on to play two professional seasons in Europe. First, in Switzerland, where he finished the season as Top Scorer for Top Volley Luzern. Then, in the German Bundesliga I, where he served as captain for Bergisches Volley. 

Gerrard's role with Volley-Pedia is to recognize new opportunities to improve the site, find out what real players are interested in learning, and find ways to get high quality information out there for you all. 

Aaron Samarin Headshot volleyball.jpg

Aaron Samarin, Co-Owner

Another ex-Buckeye, Aaron has multiple NCAA and MIVA championship titles to his name. A libero out of Fresno, California, he is our expert for all things close to the ground.

Beyond contributing quality content to the blog, Aaron is also the man behind the Volley-Pedia social pages--those memes, volleyball vids and tips you see? Those are likely the work of Aaron Samarin, so be sure to show some love and give us a follow.



- Ohio State Player Profile