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About Me: Originally from Melbourne, Australia, my brief (but sweet) professional career ended in the German Bundesliga with Bergisches Volleys. My biggest claim to fame, however, has been the opportunity to play with the Australian National Team, in the admirable position of bench-warmer behind world-class libero: Luke Perry.

To be honest, that's not what this page is about though: at all. 

VolleyPedia is a response to what I felt was just not enough good volleyball information online. As one of the world's Top 5 most played sports, I felt that volleyball deserved a better resource.

My goal, then, is to create the best Global Volleyball Resource available. It should be a place that anyone who loves volleyball (and has access to the internet) can come to learn real-value information about volleyball.

I'll be sharing what I've learned, but don't worry: I'll also be pestering some bigger names volleyball for their contributions, too.

Keep an eye on this space as we continue to grow and find out just how awesome this global volleyball community is.