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Volley-Pedia is a toolkit: to help you get real results for what you put in.

Hi All, my name is Gerrard Lipscombe and I'm the founder of Volley-Pedia. From representing the Australian Men's National Team to playing professionally in the German Bundesliga, I've noticed one thing:

Working hard is great, but working smart is betterTogether with experts in the sport, we aim to provide the most effective knowledge you need to improve your skills, mindset and experience of volleyball: on and off the court.

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Beta-testing is currently underway, and in June, 2019, we'll be launching our first full-scale service for the public (you guys): 'Climbing the Ladder'.

An interactive course, covering just about everything we've learned about making a career out of volleyball, self-improvement strategies and how to become a player that stands out...

We can't wait until June though: so we've decided to leak the course's contents leading up to launch. This sneak peek will be available until the end of March, 2019. Totally free, with actionable tips you can start using today.

What you'll get:

1) The full 'Part 2: What Does Better Look Like?' PDF Package;

2) Exercises and Tasks that normally just 'The Ladder' members are given access to;

3) An inside look into goal setting (with techniques used by top level athletes); and

4) A bonus treat for those who get in before the end of March.

Get the free exclusive sneak peek, all in a neat downloadable PDF.

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